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ific Coffee and Mann Coffee as well as shops which earn a 30 percent monthly revenue from coffee be

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verages.The company also stated in the letter that Starbucks had constantly put pressure on its suppliers by asking them to make options between the tw▓o companies. Luckin Coffee cited from some of its partners that Starbucks had asked th▓em to stop providing equipment,

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packaging services and ingredients to the company. Even, a few of its partne▓rs had already inform

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ed Luckin Coffee to termi▓nate their contracts.Luckin deemed that the Starbucks’s monopoly had impede

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d the development of the coffee industry in China and had violated the anti-monopoly▓ law in the country.However, Starbucks res

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ponded▓ later on Tuesday that it had no intention to take part in any kind of market promotion with other brands. It adde

d by saying that “we welcome orderly compet▓ition, mutual improvement, constant ▓innovation, continuous improvement of quality and service to create real value for Chinese consumers.&rdqu▓o;This issue has raised widespread awareness on Chinese social medi

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a and triggered a heated debate among netizens.“Starbucks has signed this kind o▓f exclusive contracts early before, which cannot be regarded as monopoly since some other coffee brands li

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ke Costa, Mann Coffee would do the same. So it’s highly likely that Luckin Coffee just wanted to hype its brand by criticizing Starbucks, in a bid to expand its own business ▓and ra

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ise its status in the coffee industr▓y,” commented a user @JeffreeWang on Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter.&l▓dquo;Competition is welcomed in any industries since it will only benefit the consumers,”▓ said another Weibo user @Teli_LY.Founded by Qian Zhiy▓a, former COO of UCAR, a Chinese rid▓e-hailing app, Luckin Coffee has opened 525 stores in 13 cities in China, serving 1.3 million customers with 5 million cups of coffee during its fou▓r-month soft launch.Targeting the young white collar market, Luckin Coffee shows its ambition t

o compete with the traditional coffee b▓rand, Starbucks, which has over 3,000 outlets▓ across the country in more than 13▓0 cities and serves more than six million customers every week, by offer▓ing cost-effective coffee drinks and the c▓onvenient takeout services. Luckin Coffee has also reportedly poached staff from Starbucks since December last yea▓r by giving three times higher salary for the same position, according to Beijing Business Today.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatCh▓ina's 5

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G market to exceed one t

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rillion yuan by 2026China's 5G

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market to exceed one tril

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lio▓n yuan by 2026China's 5

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G market to exceed▓ one trillion yuan by 202605-16-2018 15:04 BJTChina is beco▓ming a global leader in the research

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a▓nd development of 5G standards and the overall ma▓rket of country's 5G industry is expected to reach 1▓.15 trilli

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on yuan ($180.5 billion) by 2026, a nearly 50 percent growth from its 4G m▓arket, a consulting company said, Econom

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ic I▓nformation Daily reported.In a white paper on the development of China's 5G industry, CCID Consulting said t

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he wide coverage stage of 4G in China has almost finished, with the number of 4G base stations reaching 3.28 milli

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on. It predicted the number of 5G base stations will be 1.1-1.5 times of 4G base stations.The industrial chain o

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f 5G is usually divided into four parts - base station systems, network architecture▓s, terminal devices and application scenarios, a▓ccording to the report.China's major device makers have taken a leading position, based on the market advantages of China and their early layout on tec▓hnical standards, the report said. With fast commercialization of 5G, domestic

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vendor▓s are speeding up their R&D in the area of terminal devices and meeting fierce competitions"China's 5G indust▓rial chain is relatively complete at present and it has developed certain advantages in some parts, ▓however, there are still some difficulties and bottlenecks," Li Zhen, a senior analyst with the communication re▓search

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center of CCID Consulting, said.He said ▓the 5G standards have not yet been fully determine▓d, some segments of the industrial chain are weak, domestic telecom operators are underpowered and the 5G spectru▓m resources are not abundant and qualified enough.Please scan the QR Code to foll

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ow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to f▓ollow us on WechatForeign investors snap up blue chipsForeign investors snap up blue chipsForeign investors snap up blue chips05-07-2018 11:28 BJTShanghai, Shenzhen benefit via HK links ahe▓ad of MSCI index revampOverseas investors are snapping up Chinese bluechip A shares in the run-up to the reconstitution of Mo

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rgan Stanl▓ey Capital International's emerging markets index.They bought a record 3.98 billion yuan ($631 million) worth of stocks listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange through the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect on April 18 alone, according to data ▓from Wind Info, a Shanghai-based


financial information provi▓der.On the same day, overseas investors bought a record 3.24 billion yuan worth of shares of Shen▓zhen-listed companies, using the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect.In both Shanghai and Shenzhen, overseas investments were focused on

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he northbound investment - funds coming from Hong Kong into the Chinese mainland bourses - has mainly targeted blue-chip A shares since March-end.Wang Ha▓nfeng, chief strategist at CICC, attributed the northb▓ound investment to overseas investors' confidence in▓ the long-term performance of the blue-ch▓ip companies, given their current share prices."As the day of the inclusion of A shares in the ▓M

SCI index is approaching, some over-seas funds have started▓ mapping in the A-share market," he said.What's more, overseas investors are more optimistic than Chinese investors, said Wang. By comparing the performance and market capitalization of the A-share comp▓anies and other international companie▓s included in the MSCI emerging markets index, overseas investors believe that the A-share market is more ▓attractive, espec

ially after the fluctuation earlier this year."Based on the past experience, (you co▓uld say) overseas investors have always seized th▓e right timing to invest in blue-chip companies," he said.Agreed Yang Deliang, chief investment consultant at Shenz▓hen-based Essence Securities. The imminent i▓nclusion of A shares in the MSCI index has grown into a catalyst for the ▓r

ebound of blue-chip companies, he said."▓Investment in the Chinese market only takes up 3 percent ▓of the international institutions' global asset allocation on average, which is inconsistent with t▓he economic size of China. As the blue-chip companies' shar▓e prices have reached a reasonable level, they will▓ be more attractive to overseas investors, in t▓erms of their market cap and competitiveness," he said.MSCI is schedu

led to announce on May 14 initi▓al details about how it will reconstitute its emerging markets index. The revamped index will take effect from June 1.The second phase of the revamp wi▓ll be announced on Aug 13, and will take effect on Sept 3.Some 232 A shares will be included in t▓he MSCI emerging markets index, with those of finance, property, food and beverage, and healthcare companies making u

p the majority▓.CICC estimates that the initial weighting of the A-share market in the MSCI global index will likely be around 0.8 percen▓t.The A-share market is expected to att▓ract overseas capital inflows of $21.2 billion by Augu▓st.Based on similar market opening-up in the Republic of Korea, the annual overseas capital inflow into the A-share market is estimate▓d to reach up to 400 billion yuan in the next five to 10

years.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on Wech▓atBYD battery-electric vehicle opens to the gl▓obal marketBYD battery-electric vehicle opens to the global marketBYD battery-electric v▓ehicle opens to the global market05-04-2018 18:1▓9 BJTBYD as the global battery technology leader w▓elcomed the cooperation of an interna

tionally known automake▓r. Since Chinese opening-up policy, BYD’s general manager, Sherry Li indicated that BYD has changed to▓ international strategy and tried to make the best product to meet the global market. BYD Energy Storage Solutions have been installed in more than▓ 40 countries around the world for a combined system capacity of 250 MWh while BYD▓ battery mainly for internal use in electric consumer a

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nd commercial vehicle i▓n the past. Li said, “We are very confident about the future development of battery in the aspect of energy density and a▓lso the cost.”BYD has launched BY▓D battery-electric buses with zero emissions to knock the overseas’ market. Their production eBus-7 began to operate on South Korea’s Jeju Island. The company announce

d the model can be full-charge▓d in two hours for 200 kilometers driven.“With dev▓elopment of globalization, we need to put mo▓re BYD products to different regions ▓to support local people to realize this new energy▓ solution,” Li added.However, there are some concerns about stock wobbled. While di▓sappointing earnings have hit BYD's shares thi▓s week, the Chin

ese government has ▓announced a new regulation to drop the ownership restriction for the joint venture.“There will have lots of corporation and development in new energy vehicles in the future. It is good for the market, for people and society. So I don&rs▓quo;t care the short term for stock swings, for the long term, that’s a good sign for ▓the whole indus

try,” Li represented.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPl▓ease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChina's communication satellites occupy niche in world marketChina's communication satellites occupy niche in world marketChina's communication satellites occupy niche in world market05-04-2018 13:18 B▓JTChina on Friday sent a new APSTAR-6C commun▓

ication satellite into orbit for Hong Kong-based APT Satellite Co., Ltd.It was China's 10th commercial communication satellite for export, and the second entire Chinese satellite sold to a mainstream international satel▓lite operator, according to the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST), which produced the satellite▓.It will replace the still operating APSTAR-6 satel

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li▓te to provide broadcasting and commu▓nication services to customers in the Asia-Pacific region.Th▓e APSTAR-6C features more advanced functions▓ than its predecessor, said Wei Qiang, chief desig▓ner of the satellite.According to the APT Satellite websi▓te, before the launch of APSTAR-6C, the company was operat▓ing four satellites in orbit: APSTAR-5, ▓APSTAR-6 and APSTAR-7, which were developed by U.S. and European

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